Anti-vaccine advocates and junk science

So the vehemently anti-vaccine advocate is going to be on the View, where the audience will be the very people the public health officials are desperately trying to get to come in and get their children vaccinated.

Do I think Jenny McCarthy should be banned from being a T.V. personality? No.

Do I think the producers of the show should never, ever let her speak about junk science and myths that could cause public health risks? Yes.

In many ways I feel for Jenny McCarthy, I can only imagine how terrible it would be to learn your child is autistic, you would be scared, confused and looking for something to blame. The reality is it’s no one’s fault.

Yes, there was an article printed several decades ago that pointed to a link between the measles, mumps rubella vaccine (MMR) and cases of autism. However, it was also found that the scientist had fabricated his results and the scientific journal printed an apology.

Yet there are people out there who regularly use this reason as why they don’t get their kids immunized.

Here’s the issue, across Canada the numbers of measles cases are on the rise. A disease I never had to deal with is making a comeback because not enough kids are vaccinated against it. There are outbreaks of whooping cough in many Northern Saskatchewan communities, again another vaccine preventable disease.

I am lucky to have never needed a smallpox vaccine, that’s because through immunizations it was eradicated – WORLD WIDE. Polio is also on its way out.

There are number of people who say they want their kids to create a natural immunity. There are a lot of things out there for kids to develop a resistance against, why not give their bodies a hand with diseases that could cause lasting damages.

I know even friends of mine that completely disagree with my stance, but I’ve had all my shots (an many more as I’ve been overseas to places with Yellow Fever risk) and if I had kids, they would get very vaccine they could.

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