Tiptoeing through traffic

It was so, freaking hot this afternoon and I was sitting stopped – wedged – in traffic really, wondering if the movement along Circle Drive was always this slow, when I heard this, “excuse me.”

A cabbie headed the other direction, stopped at a red light – unlike me who was stopped by traffic at a green light – was trying to get my attention.

“There is an accident in the left lane at Millar Avenue,” he yelled across the road to me. That was at least eight lights from where I was and it had just taken me three greens before I was even able to move a few feet.

I immediately put on my right signal, thinking if I could cross two lanes of traffic in less than a block and get on to Idylwyld Drive, I could get home. On some level I figured there would be no hope – who would let me in?

But they did, it was incredible!

With big grateful smiles and waves I cut across the traffic and was home within minutes.

Sometimes Saskatoon drivers really surprise me.

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