A helicopter releases water on a flare up from the Nisbet fire, just north of Prince Albert. About 60 homes were at risk by the fire and families evacuated. One house has been confirmed lost in the blaze.

Wanda Atcheson, manager of public health nursing, holds up a vial of the HPV vaccine.

An inpatient waits to receive treatment on an overcrowded ward in Southern Sudan's only children's hospital

Sheep move towards the pen as the dog herds them during the Prince Albert Exhibition.

Two girls peek out from a table to watch Santa during the annual Transwest Santa Flight to Northern Saskatchewan

Former Saskatchewan NDP party leaders from left, Roy Romanow, Lorne Calvert, and Allan Blakeney listen to the speech by new leader Dwain Lingenfelter.
Preservation Hall, the home of jazz in New Orleans is in full swing during Mardi Gras.

The winner of the men's fancy spotlight special dances in celebration at the annual Thanksgiving Powwow

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