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James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive people in the world. Not that he would ever accept that though. The photographer has captured some of the most incredible images of war in our time. He was … Continue reading

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It’s ugly – Fighting in hockey

In an arena half full – I was surrounded by adults cheering for teenagers fighting. It wasn’t controlled fighting, like karate, MMA, or boxing, but the fighting that comes with anger and frustration. We don’t let teens drink until they … Continue reading

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I’m briefly stepping away from blogging about HIV/AIDS to share the kind of thing that can restore faith in humanity. #ShowMeYourPump According to the HuffingtonPost article: The #ShowMeYourPump campaign kicked off after beauty queen Sierra Sandison, who was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Update on MH17 effect on AIDS 2014

The complete passenger manifest of Malaysia Air Flight MH 17 has been released and is on the Malaysia Airlines website. The International AIDS Society has confirmed the names of another five people set to arrive at the conference. This brings … Continue reading

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AIDS 2014 is off to a tragic start

As people from around the world come together for the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, you would think there would be excitement as people share research, talk about new ideas and see old friends. This isn’t the case. Right now … Continue reading

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