AIDS 2014 is off to a tragic start

AIDS2014_bannerAs people from around the world come together for the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, you would think there would be excitement as people share research, talk about new ideas and see old friends.

This isn’t the case.

Right now all people are talking is Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight that has crashed over Ukraine earlier today.

Apparently as many as 100 people on that flight (of the 295) were on route to Melbourne to attend the 20th International AIDS Conference.

According to the International AIDS Society, among the passengers was former organization president, and long-time researcher Joep Lange, a man considered a giant in the AIDS community.

In a media release earlier this afternoon, the International AIDS Society said, “in recognition of our colleagues’ dedication to the fight against HIV/AIDS, the conference will go ahead as planned and will include opportunities to reflect and remember those we have lost.”

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