Update on MH17 effect on AIDS 2014

The complete passenger manifest of Malaysia Air Flight MH 17 has been released and is on the Malaysia Airlines website.

Joep Lange

Joep Lange

The International AIDS Society has confirmed the names of another five people set to arrive at the conference. This brings the total to six people confirmed, with another 100 thought to have been on the flight.

  • Pim de Kuijer, lobbyist Aids Fonds/STOP AIDS NOW!
  • Joep Lange, Professor of Medicine, University of Amsterdam and Scientific Director, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
  • Lucie van Mens, Director of Support at The Female Health Company
  • Martine de Schutter, Program Manager Aids Fonds/STOP AIDS NOW!
  • Glenn Thomas, World Health Organization
  • Jacqueline van Tongeren, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development

Buzzfeed has done an incredible job of searching the internet to track down photos of these people and find comments from their friends and co-workers.

And then there is this article in the Washington Post, Ukrainian officials accuse rebel militias of moving bodies, tampering with evidence.

While the tragedy is going to overshadow the conference, there is hope. Health expert, author and journalist Laurie Garrett had this to say.

“A Tweeter asked me if the loss of Joep, Glenn, and other AIDS researchers and activists possibly on board MH17 would prove a major set-back in the fight against AIDS. No, I said. One of the glories of the AIDS community is that its bench is deep, its talents enormous, and its sorry history of processing grief and moving on is unparalleled. The dead, as has always been the case since this awful virus emerged in the late 1970s, will be mourned. And then energies will be mustered, to get the job done.

Until there is a cure.”

Read her blog here, on the role Joep Lange and others have played in the research on HIV/AIDS treatment.

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