Two MSF (Doctors without Borders) aid workers were freed after being kidnapped from a Kenya refugee camp nearly two years ago.

There isn’t much word on their condition, but they are alive and that is incredible.

The pair was working at the Dadaab refugee camp, the largest in the world, filled with refugees fleeing famine, drought and violence in Somalia.

Both women were working as logisticians when gunmen opened fire on their vehicle inside the complex, shooting and wounding their Kenya Driver in October of 2011.

It’s incredible that they are free. It’s also incredible that there hasn’t been more talk generated about their release. They have largely been forgotten about and that’s bad.

These women weren’t overseas on some unqualified attempt at doing good. They were with an established organization, with reputable mandates, over-the-top security measures and excellent results.

It’s worth talking about. They were working overseas to help the lives of more than 500,000 people who were driven from their homes, while we sit at home and feel good because we gave money to help them do it. They are incredible people and the work they do continues at that refugee camp.

Maybe it just hits home because one day, I’d like to be working alongside them.

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