You are what you eat – waffles?

When I am at home there are a few things I like to do – work out, eat right and drink lots of water.

Wouldn’t you know – I have done the same things since arriving in Belgium – just replace walking for working out, waffles for eating right and beer for water.

I hope the miles logged while spent exploring will do their bit to counter the fact that I currently believe the four food groups are waffles, frites, chocolates and waffles, wait did I mention waffles?waffles

Seriously, the Belgians know a thing or two about amazing waffles. Unlike the plain “Belgium waffles” at home, the batter from the ones here are sweet enough to be perfect without any topping (just like the locals do it) or you can mess with perfection like many tourists and add Nutella, strawberries, whipping cream etc. etc. etc.

Then there are the frites, you’ll notice I call them frites, it’s an effort not so much to blend in as to make myself feel better at having fries for 3 of 4 meals when I initially arrived (I’m just pleased they don’t serve frites with breakfast or it would have been 4 of 4). They are fried not once, but twice (adding to their healthy quality) so they are nice and fluffy, and served with mayonnaise. I don’t even eat mayonnaise on my sandwiches (I couldn’t even spell it without the help of spellcheck), but apparently they take frites from great to amazing!

And of course chocolate… there are so many companies that make chocolates: Mary, Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini, Jean-Philippe Dacis, … and one’s you would recognize like Godiva. It was all good until I realized you could get a Nutella-flavoured chocolate layered with marzipan. It was like opening Pandora’s Box. I’ve sampled dark chocolate truffles, and light caramels, milk chocolate with hazelnuts, and white chocolate with almonds.

Mussels and friesI haven’t changed my entire diet to carbohydrates – fortunately, there is some protein too. Did you know that Belgium is famous for mussels? I didn’t, but I do now…and you order them by the half-kilo or all-you-can-eat. And, naturally, they come with frites.

So, excuse me please, it’s evening I need to go for another walk. Does anyone want a waffle?

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