Talk with your Mouth Full

After the big move to Saskatoon, which happened in early December, and my first real holiday in years, I’m back into the journalism groove.

Since getting back I’ve realized that the number of resources about HIV is increasing. Saskatchewan’s Provincial Leadership Team is going all out with their (new-ish) website. There isn’t a lot of information on there, but there are lots of links. I think they are working in the right direction, hopefully they pick up the pace though as there are only a few years left for the strategy.

Far more exciting is what AIDS Saskatoon is up to. They have started a series of discussion about their programing, HIV and Hep C, volunteer opportunities and harm reduction information. The series began Friday, with Cathy, who works with the organization, giving on of the best introduction to HIV and HCV presentations I’ve ever heard. Check out the rest of the events at Talk with your Mouth Full.

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